United Robotics Group has a long history in the robotic space, but their most impactful and game changing innovation is in the advancement of CobiotX. The concept is simple, create robots that can seamlessly integrate into your work and social environments with human like interactions.

They bring together a diverse interdisciplinary group of robotics, engineering, software and hardware experts to create unique robotic applications to private and public sectors. Cobiots are found in labs, restaurants, hospitals, schools, malls, and production environments around the globe. Their powerful Cobiots are easily controlled and manipulated with award-winning software, that is not only easy to use, but continually evolving to meet new technological demands.

Meet PLATO, the newest Cobiot that is revolutionizing the Hospitality Industry

A Cobiot for the hospitality and food service industries. Plato is an autonomous, social Cobiot designed to maximize productivity and enhance guest experience. Let Plato do the heavy lifting and bussing, while you focus on friendly service.

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